South and Central America

Brazil Natural Oberon
Adored by all! Brazils have a complex, balanced aroma, and flavor and mouth-feel that is sweet and lingering.


Colombia Supremo Tolima
A real crowd pleaser. Medium body with moderate acidity, rich creamy texture, and a distinctive berry-like aroma.

Costa Rica Tres Nubes
Light & Bright. Clear citrus-like acidity with light to medium body and a unique tangy aroma.

Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango
Well Balanced with more body than most Central American coffees.

Mexico High Grown Chiapas Turquesa
This “altura” is a big beautiful bean with medium acidity and smooth body and aroma.


Ethiopia Harrar Longberry grade 4
Bright for an African with a slightly spicy flavor and definite blueberry notes to the aroma. The finish has a note of chocolate, similar to a Yemen. Medium bodied.


Papua New Guinea AA Arokara
Matt’s favorite. A rich full-bodied Indonesian with a slight Latin-like acidity.

Sumatra Mandheling grade 1 DP
Brandon’s Favorite. One of the worlds most distinctive coffees and the best of the Sumatras. Very full-bodied with a wonderful earthiness and complexity.


Aspen Blend
A feisty blend of South and Central American Coffees. Complexity, richness, & balance make this a real favorite.

Endo’s Blend
This blend balances the full body & syrupy richness of an Indonesian with the nice acidity & spiciness of a Central American. Smooth and rich with a little kick.

Fast Eddie’s Espresso
Formulated for espresso but makes a great drip or press-pot brew.
Blended from around the globe & roasted smooth and sweet with huge aroma.

Moka Java
The world’s first and most famous blend. Dry-processed Moka blended with Estate Java for a comples cup that is spicy, wild, and rich.

Dark Roast
Brazil roasted dark… this is as far as you should go, any further and you lose the beans character.

French Roast
Super dark and oily, the character of the roast takes over for a distinct smokiness and bitter-sweet quality.


Colombia Excelso
Sumatra Mandheling